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"Turn Clean Up Time Into Play Time with Tummy Stuffers"

Are you having a hard time getting your child clean up his toys after playing with them? With the use of these cute Tummy Stuffers, clean up time will be turned into play time! The Tummy Stuffer is a stuffed toy that is custom-made with large mouths that can be used in storing or carrying toys in it's belly! They are designed as storage pets where your child can put all of his things in one place. It looks like a cute stuff toy when filled—and your child will surely love playing with it. 

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How to Use Tummy Stuffers

There are instances that your child will tend to throw away their toys and abandon them after playing with them. For most kids, clean up time is such a killjoy because for them, it is a chore that burdens them. The basic concept of Tummy Stuffers is to help your child organize and store their belongings in one storage. As your child put things inside the Tummy Stuffers, its tummy will be stretched. In this way, parents will not have a hard time getting their child make their playroom a nice place once more. 
Tummy Stuffers can be used in sleepovers too. If your child is going to their friend’s place for an overnight stay, they can bring along their Tummy Stuffies with them. It can also be given away as a birthday gift to your child, especially if you want them to know the importance of clean up time after fun time.

Collect the Whole Stuffies Set!

With its great ability for kids to organize their valuables, your utility plush stuff toy can make cleaning up a simple yet fun activity. They can place important items like their favorite toys in it, thus preventing it to get lost. It can serve as a hiding spot for putting all of their valuables in one place. Your kids will no longer cry because they can’t find their favorite toy in their storage box. Aside from that, the Tummy Stuffer also known as "stuffies," can also add as a nice d├ęcor into your child’s room. It can also remove all the clutter that makes their room messy.

Tummy Stuffers are very affordable. By just going to their website, you will be able to order the product with a mini Tummy Stuffer. Buying it online is the very convenient way to get hold of this product. The product will be shipped within 30 days. 
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